Peace Culture Development Group, headquartered in Beijing, China, is a comprehensive industrial group of culture and technology. Under the leadership of Mr. Wang Fengcheng, chairman of the board of directors, the group holds high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, abides by the concept of world peace and culture, absorbs Chinese wisdom, carries forward Chinese spirit, spreads Chinese values, contributes Chinese power, safeguards world peace, promotes common development, and creates a better life. Adhering to the principles of peace, democracy, innovation and mutual trust, Peace Culture Development Group actively participates in global governance and international economic, technological and cultural exchanges and cooperation; contributes to the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor; integrates domestic and international high-quality resources to build industrial innovation incubation platform, leading the development of culture and technology in the new era, and fully serving the new journey of socialist modernization.


Peace Culture Development Group is a world-leading new industrial group with cultural brand and art, high and new technology and products, supply system and engineering, industrial platform and content. It is committed to bringing new thinking, new technology, new products and new services to everyone, every family and every organization, so as to build a happy world of multi-dimensional ecological interconnection. Since its establishment, the Peace Culture Development Group has co-hosted many sessions of the World Peace Forum with Tsinghua University. The first session was attended by President Xi Jinping in person, and deputy national leaders delivered speeches at each session.

Peace Aerospace Technology Group is a high-tech industrial group invested and controlled by Peace Culture Development Group, with five advanced manufacturing in the fields of commercial aerospace, general aviation, special vehicles, energy storage equipment and biomedicine. Its strategic positioning is to develop, apply and promote world-class technology products and services related to the national economy and people's livelihood. Peace Aerospace Technology Group's entire industry chain is closely deployed and implemented around the various dimensions of commercial aerospace exploration. By the means of precise and in-depth international cooperation, it continuously strengthens technology and management innovation. Through multi-dimensional and inter-disciplinary commercial operation, it continues to occupy the market and secure brand cooperation, so as to build the company into a well-known brand with independent intellectual property rights in the entire value chain dedicated to China aerospace and for military and civilian use. The group comprises Peace Technology and Culture Fund, Aerospace Strategy Research Institute, high-tech company, cultural media company, industrial park management and operation company, etc.

Group Chairman

Peace Culture Development Group Co., Ltd. maintains friendly exchanges with many countries and regions in the fields of cultural exchange, educational development, technological innovation, business cooperation and environmental protection. Mr. WANG Fengcheng, chairman of the board of directors, serves as the honorary director of the Asian Peace and Reconciliation Council (APRC), and works with presidents, prime ministers and directors of other countries to build a network of professionals who promote international development in Asia and the world, and to promote international and regional peace and reconciliation. Mr. Wang was awarded the world peace leader by the United Nations Sadquru Fund.


The strategic mission of the Peace Group is to contribute to the affluence of people's life and the prosperity and stability of society. We focus on building a borderless exponential enterprise, committed to pioneering and experimental nature in various business areas, focusing on users with common attributes, deeply exploring the origin of demand, and integrating different industries in stages to provide brand-new products and services.


The corporate role of Peace Group is to enumerate and integrate the concerns, driving forces and resources of our stakeholders, and to share the knowledge we have, so as to gather all parties to cooperate and play an exemplary role in the efforts to influence and improve culture, education, science and technology, media, business exchanges and cooperation.

Corporate Citizenship

Corporate citizenship is one of our core values and also one of the important stakeholders in the company’s business model. We invest and fully support the system development and big data analysis of culture and scientific research. It is precisely an indispensable part of corporate citizenship function in the company's strategy.